Othmar Motter was an all-rounder of the predigital era and a co-founder of the design studio “Vorarlberger Graphik”.

At the beginning of 2019
The publication “Othmar Motter. Leidenschaft und Brot. Ein Streifzug durch das Archiv der Vorarlberger Grafik” of Elias Riedmann will be published by Triest Verlag

In German, 354 pages, 20,5 x 27,5 cm, Hardcover. Order the book now at the subscription price of Euro 40,-. The final sales price is Euro 45,-. You get 5 digitalized Motterfonts for free with your purchase of one publication with a code that will allow you to download them from the internet. Send your order to:
”Triest Verlag, Vadianstr. 33, CH-9000 St. Gallen“ or by Email to: order@triestverlag.ch – or to ”Sägenvier, Sägerstr. 4, A-6850 Dornbirn“


»Der tiefste Grund des Entwerfens ist doch das Schaffen einer Erinnerung« Othmar Motter

The exhibition “Typo Cuve, Othmar Motter – Connossieur of Many Tastes”

Othmar Motter’s interests don’t only consist of extra bold writing, but also of good wine. The renowned Dornbirn studio Sägen 4 is presenting 83 bottles of wine desiged with his font alphabet. The wines can be tasted and will be on offer at the vernissage.

The proceeds will be used for the book project “Othmar Motter – Passion and Bread. A Journey Through the Archive of the Design Studio ’Vorarlberger Graphik‘.“ by Elias Riedmann.


The publication “Subtext: Type Design” of the Typographical Society Austria is released

The book including all the Motter fonts will be presented by the tga at the designforum Wien on April 12.

“Subtext: Type Design” opens and archives designs by more than 50 locally and worldwide active designers and presents 400 pages of recent font designs that relate to Austria.


Sample application of the Motter Ombra. ad-c.or.jp
Poster for Museumsquartier in Vienna, designed by BÜRO X www.buerox.at , use of Motter Femina

motterfonts.com goes online

Welcome to motterfonts,

we are happy to present motterfonts online. Our objective was and is showing truth to the original and providing a wide range of special characters.

5 out of 10 fonts presented have been published last year:
– Motter Factum
– Motter Ornata

– Motter Pretiosa
– Motter Regatta
– Motter Air

For the following existing fonts the number of characters has been doubled:
– Motter Ombra
– Motter Femina

Further fonts are in progress.

Eight Motter fonts among Monotype Imaging`s range of products

Siegmund Motter`s "Motter Air" as well as seven alphabets by Othmar Motter have been available at Monotype Imaging since this year`s beginning.

The traditional enterprise goes back to two once severely rivalling competitors: Lanston Monotype (USA) and Linotype (G). Both revolutionised graphic industry by their typesetting machines at the end of the 19th century.

In 2006 the two companies joined and since then have been the leading producers and traders of fonts worldwide.



The publication "Othmar Motter. Eine Leidenschaft für Schrift" ("Othmar Motter. Fond of fonts") has appeared in print.

Volume 3 of "|design|er|leben" was presented on May 17 in Innsbruck.

The series´author, Andreas Koop, intends to show the designer reflecting the historical as well as cultural background of his time.


Motter Factum becomes new CD-font at French National

The renowned studio Intégral Ruedi Baur (Paris/Berlin/Zurich) has won the competition for the "Archives Nationales"´new appearance.

Ruedi Baur combines his logo-font "archives pro" with an alphabet by Othmar Motter. Motter Factum is an Egyptienne (slab serif) with interlocking serifs.